• Prototype your service with your users and other stakeholders.

    Service design Co-creation tool

  • Cards

    Three is the magic number! Use cards and create a prototype of your service ecosystem. Group cards together. Draw lines between cards and card groups.


    Key to human centric approach

    People can be individual or group. Who are your users? Who are key constituents making your service work? Who are in your process or delivery?


    Where service take places

    Place can be both physical and virtual. Where are your users? Who else in the same place? Are they using Facebook or WhatsApp?


    A small tagline

    Others represent anything other than People or Place. It can be touch points connecting people and place. It can be value such as money.

  • Colors

    Use visual signs to signify the role of each constituent.


    People you are serving

    Use color to label cards (people, place or others). Your user is a "People Card" with particular color such as orange. Anything belong to users should be in the same color.


    You and your team

    Use color to label cards (people, place or others). You are "People Card" and your office is "Place Card". Anything represent you should be in the same color.

    3rd Parties

    Other constituents in your service ecosystem

    Services requires broad ecosystem with multiple constituents. Use different colors to label anyone other than you and users.

  • How It Works

    Just download and print!



    Download this PDF and print it from your home printer or bring it to your local print shop.



    Choose a heavy white card stock of your choice—We recommend 200gm or higher.

    * Printing in colour is highly recommended.



    Cut to size along the template’s dotted line using a large paper cutter.

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